YSS Suspension

YSS the world class suspension was established in 1983 to produce shock absorbers for after market in Thailand under the trademark YSS. We have developed appearance, quality and technology of shock absorbers all the time.
          We have achieved the quality system QS9000 and ISO 9002 certificated from TUV in 2001, ISO/TS 16949 certificated from TUV in 2006 and also in 2008 we achieved Quality Assurance System ABE from Federal Motor Vehicle and transport Authority or KBA in Germany. In the same way, YSS has celebrated the 25th anniversary in 2008.  
  • We are not only professional in producing shocks we also have great experience in proving racing shocks with famous achievements worldwide. YSS is the best choice for the champions. YSS has many product types to serve the customer from the high down to the middle market.
  • Top line high-low speed is the highest quality shocks for the customer who needs fully adjustable suspension with Hi-Low speed compression and rebound adjuster for racing available in G-Series and X-Series. Eco-line are self adjusting in damping shocks with threaded preload and come in many different color option to cater all fashion trends which is available in C-Series, E-Series O-Series.
  • Currently Hydraulic shock technology with OEM looks and improves technology available in Bravo and Pro-X series. We also have accessories for front fork such as PD Fork Valve that can help when you need to improve your front fork performance together with YSS progressive fork spring and fork oil also.  For the rear shocks we also have hydraulic Pre-Load which it is easy to adjust, no spanner needed.
  • By the way, we have YSS service centers in Asia, Australia, USA, New Zealand and Europe can service or modify your shocks to suit personal needs.
  • Finally we can produce the shocks for the special purpose as the slogan when it moves we control it.  We have promoted our product to the customers in magazines and other printed concern.
  • Nowadays, we have a strong commitment to our customer to produce the high quality shocks with a vision firm honesty, sincerity, quality policy and safety. We promise to develop the new generation shock with the high quality shock absorber as per slogan
“YSS is the world class suspension”.